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On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Modular Home Builders Association, we want to thank all the sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees at our recent annual conference in Hershey, PA. The conference was the best attended event since we re-formed the organization as MHBA in 2012.

In addition to practical sales advice from Sandler Training and a housing forecast by Metrostudy, attendees had an opportunity to share their thoughts on everything from building codes to the impact of technology on the future of the modular construction industry.

During the business meeting, membership voted in a new board to lead the organization in 2019, while acknowledging outgoing board member Norm Hall of Simpson Strong Tie. The new board will consist of thirteen company representatives from eight different states. We also reported that the association has experienced a twenty percent growth in membership this year. To help address a weak link in our membership base, the board voted to create a special dues category aimed at enticing more set crews/installers to consider joining.

MHBA’s Consumer Awareness Program, currently funded by eight manufacturers, has generated a little over $25,000 through August for industry marketing efforts. MHBA is encouraging more manufacturers to consider supporting this voluntary program to help reach even more potential home owners.

MHBA also announced the winner of our 2018 Home of the Year Award. Over 1,000 people voted on the prior Home of the Month winners to select a home by Heritage Custom Homes and Ritz Craft Homes as the best modular home in the country for 2018.

While serving on the board or one of MHBA’s committees is a great way to get involved, we also want to encourage members to submit articles and images for our website and social media platforms, submit a Home of the Month entry, and encourage other companies to join the organization.

Again, thank you to all who helped make this conference a success!
Started on October 12, 2018 by Tom Hardiman
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This is the best Summit so far and with all the new people attending to learn more about our industry and the amount of attention modular is getting in the media we will probably see an even bigger attendance next year with lots of new people again networking with experienced builders.

I can't wait to attend more Summits and help promote them again and again.
Updated on October 12, 2018 by Gary Fleisher

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