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For Builders & Suppliers

Reduced Overhead Cost
Since most of the construction is done by the manufacturer in the factory, the builder is able to concentrate on sales and marketing. Manufacturers offer a wide range of sales and marketing support to the builder.

Better Job and Cost Control
With 80 to 90 percent of the work completed in a factory, fewer laborers and subcontractors are needed.

Sales and Marketing Support
Today's homebuyer wants a custom designed home that fits their individual lifestyle. The manufacturer has professional staff who can design the home to your customer's needs.

Custom Design
Modular homes are built to the same code required for site built homes. Each manufacturer has quality control personnel in the factory monitoring production as well as a separate third party inspector who ensures the quality and compliance of the home. Each manufacturer also employs service people who can help if a problem arises in the field.

Quality and Service
The bulk of the construction is completed in the factory under a controlled environment, so there are no delays due to weather or material shortages. The manufacturer will guarantee the cost of the home after the order is placed, for a reasonable period of time, so that unexpected cost overruns do not occur.

Increased Profit Potential
Reduced construction time, reduced labor and overhead costs and the ability for you to concentrate on sales and customer service all translate into increased profitability for the builder and greater satisfaction for the homebuyer.



Consumer Awareness Program (CAP)

MHBA launched the Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) to better educate potential new home buyers. MHBA manufacturer members voluntarily agree to add $10 per module onto each newly constructed home and we dedicate those funds to marketing the modular home industry. This small increase of revenue provides MHBA with funds to effectively reach thousands of potential new modular homebuyers.

MHBA focuses on educating new homebuyers about the advantages of building a modular home and providing them with access to a vast amount of resources that will showcase MHBA members extensive experience in the industry. Through MHBA, homebuyers will gain access to sample floorplans, be able to find a local builder, and will even be able to request an estimate for their dream home.

CAP participants benefit from having their homes highlighted in the gallery, having their logo placed on the homepage, and receiving the latest marketing materials from CAP!



Member Benefits


Removing Barriers and Protecting Your Business
On average, businesses pay between $8,000 and $10,000 per employee per year in hidden costs associated with various rules and regulations. As government agencies become more intrusive and pervasive, this cost will escalate.

At MHBA, we realize it is difficult and time consuming for you to keep track of the numerous bills, regulations, legislation and code changes that may have an impact on your bottom line. Every year, MHBA monitors and reviews thousands of different bills and proposed regulations to determine their potential impact on our industry. We have successfully protected our members’ interests in numerous states on issues ranging from taxation, plan approval and code compliance. MHBA updates and alerts members to pending and enacted legislation and regulations impacting the industry at the federal, state and local levels.

And while we can’t ensure that we will always be successful, we can guarantee that we will fight to protect your business.

Company Promotion
MHBA highlights member homes on the website, which receives more than 22,000 visits a month. Members can receive exposure and recognition as well when we post their homes on our social media pages. In 2014 MHBA launched the "Home of the Month," showcase which features homes built and manufactured by MHBA members.

Leads through MHBA website
Each month we receive leads/referrals through our Request an Estimate page. Leads are distributed to members who build in the region.

MHBA holds an annual meeting and provides other opportunities and venues in which you can network with colleagues.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities
Online opportunities are available to MHBA members.

Industry Resources & Reporting
As MHBA grows, access resources through MHBA’s twice-monthly eNews, member events, industry discussion forum, and much more!



Member Discounts

As an MHBA Member, you are eligible to receive exclusive discounts and preferred pricing through the Community Buying Group program.

Community Buying Group
We are excited to announce a new partnership which gives MHBA members exclusive access to Community Buying Group benefits for FREE. Community Buying Group can save you thousands on materials for your homes.

Complete your profile to take advantage of these Community Buying Group benefits:

  • Save 5%+2% or more at Lowe's Home Improvement
  • Up to 40% off Sherwin-Williams paint and flooring
  • Up to 50% off Sears PartsDirect
  • Up to 22% off Sunbelt Tool Rentals
  • Save at more than 20 national suppliers
  • Specialized insurance for rentals and real estate investing
  • Lending Referral Network

Click Here to claim your free Community Buying Group membership Now »



Builder Member Discount Available For RESNET Energy Program

MHBA Builder Members will now receive a $50 discount off the $200 annual registration if they would like to participate in the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Energy Smart Contractor program. RESNET Energy Smart Builders are committed to increasing the energy performance of the homes they build. These energy efficient homes are more affordable to maintain, more comfortable and have a higher value compared to regular homes. The efforts of these leading builders benefit consumers, the environment, the local economy and our national security. Energy Smart Builders are committed to having all of their homes energy rated following RESNET's stringent standards, and marketing their homes' HERS Index Score. “HERS” is the acronym for the Home Energy Rating System. The HERS index is a nationally recognized system for home a home’s energy efficiency is measured. The HERS program also sets the standard for home homes are inspected and scored.

To register, please complete the RESNET Application form and mail it and a check for $150, made out to "RESNET", to the address on the form.

For more information visit www.resnet.us/professional.





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