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What is the process for a new modular home?
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Similar to purchasing any new home, the first step is to establish your budget and secure financing. Unlike HUD code manufactured housing, modular homes are treated the same as all homes built on site when it comes to financing. To help you decide how much to spend on your new home, consult with your local bank/lender to learn about your financing options and learn the difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved. This is best done prior to deciding on your new home floor plan, so you know up-front the size and style of home and amenities will fit your budget.

The next step is to set an appointment with a modular home builder to discuss the style of home, floorplan, and features to fit your budget. Most builders will have a variety of floorplans for you to review and many have model homes or design centers on site.

Once you have your home plan in mind, you need a place to put it! One of the best things about building a new home is that YOU get to choose the location. If you already own land, bring that information with you to when you meet the builder. If the property is undeveloped, many modular builders are also contractors who can help with site development.

You should visit your site with your builder to determine if the chosen site is appropriate for the home you want to build and to ensure it meets all applicable requirements. A site inspection also allows appropriate planning for any contingencies.

Hiring your builder. Now that you have chosen a home, received an estimate or proposal and your home site has been inspected, it is time to submit a good faith deposit for engineering of your home plans that will be needed to obtain your building permits, bank appraisal (if required) and to place your home order to build. The builder will provide you with a purchase agreement (contract) for the home and the remaining construction. This agreement is required to begin production on your new home. All services and functions being provided by the builder along with payment terms will be outlined in the agreement.

Home construction, installation and finish work. While your new home is being constructed at a nearby modular manufacturing facility, the project manager will determine a schedule for site excavation (if needed) and the construction of your foundation. Approximately 8 weeks after placing the order for your home, it is delivered to your building site.

Your home will be safely transported to your building site by a skilled professional and will be securely placed on the permanent foundation by the installation crew. Depending on complexity, your home should be 70% to 90% complete at this point. The builder will then complete all outstanding facets of the process which may include completing mechanical systems, hook up of electrical, heating & plumbing systems, finishing marriage walls, shingling, flooring, building porches, garage and landscaping or any other site installed item you have hired us to do.

The contractor or construction manager will do a final walk through with you and after the final close with your mortgage company (if required), you will be presented with a certificate of occupancy. This process normally takes an average of 90 days from delivery and installation for your new home to be move-in ready!

To read this article in its original format, go here: http://www.vabuildingsolutions.com/page.asp?tid=135&name=The-New-Home-Construction-Process

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Virginia Building Solutions (VBS) was formed in 2004 by owner and CEO John Garrett. VBS is a custom systems built / modular home builder based in Tappahannock, VA serving all of Eastern Virginia, the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. VBS is also expanding with two new locations to serve Central and Southwest Virginia. The company offers the best combination of custom quality finishes demanded by the most discriminating home buyer, and superior off-site building methods.
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