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High Cost of Regulations
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Without a doubt, every industry needs some degree of regulation to protect consumers and ensure safety. But at what point do agencies go overboard and start to actually hurt consumers in the form of higher costs?

On average, businesses pay between $8,000 and $10,000 per employee per year in hidden costs associated with various rules and regulations. That's just an average. Each year, MHBA addresses issues in various parts of the country that easily add to this figure. Automated sprinkler systems in single family homes even if the customer doesn't want them? Add $10,000.

Often, new regulations are imposed where none are needed, or when simple enforcement of existing regulations would suffice. One builder violates a provision of the building code? Add a new requirement for everyone to meet!

Sometimes policies are implemented that restrict the use of modular homes altogether, such as outdated template language in homeowner association agreements.

More often than not we discover the new rules are imposed for one of two reasons: 1) the people proposing the rules don't fully understand the industry and over-regulate to protect themselves or 2) Existing rules were not adequately enforced causing an over reaction.

And more often than not, its MHBA on the front lines addressing these modular home issues on your behalf.

There are lots of reasons modular home builders, suppliers, and manufacturers SHOULD be members of MHBA. Joining together to ensure a level playing field and protecting your business interests sure seems to make sense.

Housing costs in the U.S. are already unaffordable for too many people. Modular homes should be an option to help close this gap, not widen it. But every dollar added for unnecessary new regulations puts the dream of home ownership a little further out of reach.
Started on February 19, 2019 by Tom Hardiman
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