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From time to time, we receive questions from our followers on social media about modular homes. This week we received some questions about setting modular homes. MHBA reached out to Anthony Zarrilli of Zarrilli Homes, LLC in New Jersey (www.zarrillihomes.com) to help answer these questions.

Q. What are the standard recommend qualifications of an installer of modular homes?

A. Standard recommended qualifications should be looked at prior to hiring a modular home builder. Your builder should have experience in both modular construction as well as traditional stick frame. Typically, porches, decks, detached/attached garages have to be done on site. This is over and above the modular home finish. Also, someone who is detailed oriented, organized and can set and keep to a schedule with a tentative completion date. The more details on the scope of project and schedule through completion that can be offered the more successful the job will be and ultimately happy you will be with the project.

Q. Wondering what the normal setup time allowance should be for a 2 section off frame modular home?

A. From the time the home is delivered to the property (and set on foundation) the time to complete should be 60-90 days. Depends on any/all site finish work (site work and/or decks/porches, etc. that need to be done over and above the modular home.)

Q. If a house arrives at a site and the prep is not complete to set the house how long could it sit on the trailer before being set?

A. A modular home should not be delivered to the site until the foundation and site it prepped and ready for the home set. If by chance, there is a delay due to high winds or inclement weather a few days will not harm the home modules. I would recommend that they should not sit on trailers for more than 5-7 days.

Q. Are there standards for tolerances in spacing between the sections?

A.There should be no more than 1” between modules. And ANY/ALL spaces should be filled in with products like or similar to Great Stuff expanding insulation on all floors, walls, ceilings and gable ends spacing in roof. It is common to have some spacing but excessive spacing is a sign of poor workmanship and/or house set.

Q. Is it common for the dimensions of the house not to match the dimensions of the foundation?

A. Typically, a house may not match the dimensions of a foundation by ½-1” and can be addressed on site with shimming, packing out, etc. There is a small tolerance that is acceptable but more than that could be a problem. However, each design has its own criteria.

Thanks, Anthony, for addressing these questions. If you have a question about modular homes, feel free to send those to info@modularhome.org.
Started on August 7, 2019 by Tom Hardiman
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