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Modular Home Buyer's Guide

The complete guide to buying and selling your modular home.

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New for 2021!

This brand-new 44-page guide will take you step-by-step through the process of buying and selling your modular home. From finding the right builder to preparing our lot, this guide covers it all.

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Inside the 2021 Modular Home Buyer's Guide

Modular 101

What is a modular home? Are there specific codes and standards that need to be followed? Are modular homes just like traditionally-built homes? Those questions and more are answered in Section 1 of the 2021 Guide.

Budgeting and Financing

How much will your new modular home cost? What's the best way to finance it? Find out here.

Working with a Modular Home Builder

Finding the right builder for you can be tough. But it doesn't have to be. Learn how here. Plus see the latest design trends, modular home floor plans, and tips for preparing your lot for a modular home.

Other Considerations

Learn how modular homes can help save you time and money through energy efficiencies, waste reduction, and more.

Download the 2021 Buyer's Guide

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